backup is dead

It’s been killed by today’s fast paced business and complex IT systems. Companies must have a business continuity strategy that will not only restore their data, but also their applications, databases and infrastructure quickly, as in NOW. Hoosic Technology Solutions offers a DRaaS solution which enables that for your business.

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Backup Is Dead

Backup was designed to protect data, not systems. Recovering your IT infrastructure,  core applications, databases and key systems, from copies of the data is time consuming and tedious. This would cause key systems to remain offline for extended periods of time.

Today’s businesses can’t afford this antiquated approach. Instead, they need DRaaS, a full business solution, that recovers the function of the entire IT infrastructure including all applications after a single or multi-system failure with a single click.

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Don't let backup kill Your Business

The pace of today’s business and the complex IT infrastructures that enable that pace require a modern business continuity solution designed to meet the challenge. Unfortunately, traditional backup practices fall short. To fully protect your business, you need a Disaster Recovery solution in place.

Recovering complex systems is tedious and doing it manually is time consuming. To compete today, businesses must have continuous access to their critical systems.  DRaaS delivers a complete and fully automated recovery within 5 to 10 minutes with the click of a mouse.  

The New Backup

Today’s systems are complex, restoring them after a failure can be even more complex. Business continuity solutions were previously expensive and required a team of experts to configure and maintain them. DRaaS changed this and delivers the ability to restore your entire IT infrastructure after a disaster, within the budget of any company. The key is the ability to quickly provide complete -- and fully automated -- recovery. DRaaS does this by leveraging key technologies such as virtualization, orchestration, data deduplication and cloud resources. 

Imagine being able to initiate a fully orchestrated rebuild of your entire infrastructure with the click of a single button in as little as 5 to 10 minutes!

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